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▪ Revolutionary Grooming: Experience the next level of cat care with our Spray 

  Cat Brush! Theinnovative design combines brushing and spraying for a stress-

  free grooming routine. Simply fill thereservoir with water, press the button, and 

  watch as the magic happens!

▪ Hydration on Demand: Tackle static electricity, eliminate flying hairs, and bid 

  farewell, no more struggling with dry or static-prone fur! The integrated water 

  sprayer adds a touch of moisture to your cat's coat, promoting a healthy and shiny 

  appearance. Tips: The water tank can not only add water but also add deodorant 

  or hair softener for grooming.

▪ Self-Cleaning Button: Cleaning up after grooming has never been easier. Our self-

  cleaning button removes loose fur and debris from the brush effortlessly, saving 

  you time and effort. Keep your grooming tool clean and ready for the next use.

▪ Happy Cats, Happy Owners: Keep your kitty's coat silky and shiny effortlessly. In 

  addition to benefiting your cat, spray cat brush will dramatically reduce the amount 

  of loose hair and cat dander floating around the home. For some people with mild 

  cat allergies, spray cat brush may even reduce the number of airborne allergens 

  enough that they can share their home with a cat.

▪ Suitable for All Breeds: From fluffy Persians to sleek Siamese, our Spray Cat Brush 

  is designed for all coat types. Enhance your cat's natural beauty and maintain a 

  healthy, vibrant coat. Full refund for any issues about our dryer within 30 days. 

  Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Special Feature: Travel Size
Unit Count1.00 Count
Brand: L&W BROS.
Color: White/Pink
Handle MaterialMetal