Dimensions: 8.3" H x 8.9" W x 3.1" L
Weight: 1.55lb
Model#: PC-990
Power: 7W
Power Source: Rechargeable Battery

Perfect Grooming Experience: Our low noise pet clippers, have a

  built-in 2000mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The dog clipper can

  last 4 hours after 3-hours’ charging. You don’t have to worry about dog

  hair clippers out-of-power half way through the process. Give your dog a

  cozy grooming experience.

Protect Pets From Fright:  These professional pet clippers have an

  excellent motor with ultra-low vibration and noise. The noise at work is

  as low as 50 dB, which can effectively relieve pets' anxiety. These low

  noise pet clippers could avoid pets being frightened, and you can finish

  pet grooming easily and quickly. They suit all kinds of sensitive

  animals – and your dog will love grooming after our dog grooming


Meet Diverse Needs: These low noise pet hair clippers come with a

  fine-tuning function. It can control hair length even when the guide comb

  is not in use. The electric pet clippers, also have 4 snap-on guide combs.

  It suits various types of pet coat. Our dog clippers for grooming for thick

  coats, come with sharp blades, which can easily cut fine or coarse, short

  or thick hair. The stainless steel fixed blade plus a ceramic moveable

  blade, make the grooming process fast and breezy.

Grooming with Freedom: Our dog hair clipper is rechargeable & allows

  for either corded or wireless operation. The cordless design allows for

  grooming anywhere, anytime. Using our dog clippers for thick coats

  heavy duty, while charging, can provide complete and uninterrupted

  grooming experience. Keep your pet in the best condition at all time.

  After all, a well-groomed pet is always a happier pet.

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