Color: White
Brand: L&W BROS.
Special Feature: Self Cleaning
Handle Material: Plastic
Product Details

▪ Overheating Protection for Safe Grooming: Our L&W BROS. Upgraded 2-in-1  

  Dog Dryer prioritizes the safety of your furry friend. With advanced overheating  

  protection technology, you can groom your pet confidently, knowing they are in 

  safe hands.

▪ Slimmer Ergonomic Handle: Designed for comfort and convenience, our dog 

  dryer features a slimmer ergonomic handle. Say goodbye to hand fatigue and 

  enjoy a comfortable grip that allows for extended grooming sessions with ease.

▪ 3 Temperature & Airflow Settings: Customize the drying experience to meet your

  pet's needs. Choose from three temperature and airflow settings to achieve the

  perfect balance between comfort and drying efficiency.

▪ Low Noise Operation: We understand that loud noises can be stressful for pets. 

  That's why our dog dryer operates with low noise levels, creating a calm and 

  soothing environment for your furry friend during the drying process. 

  Nevertheless, we suggest that prior to blow-drying your fur baby, you introduce 

  them to the sound of the hair dryer during an initial session. This step is 

  particularly beneficial as certain dogs tend to be sensitive and can become 

  easily startled.

▪ Self-Cleaning Button: Cleaning up after grooming has never been easier. Our 

  self-cleaning button removes loose fur and debris from the dryer effortlessly, 

  saving you time and effort. Keep your grooming tool clean and ready for the next 

  use. Tips:Our dog blow dryers might not be suitable for large dogs with thick 

  coats as this can take longer than a large hair dryer. Full refund for any issues 

  about our dryer within 30 days. Please feel free to contact us with any questions 

  you may have.

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Shape: Hammer